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Why do I need a 3D CBCT Scan?

Answers to Your Questions When You're Doctor

Prescribes a 3D CBCT Scan

Healthier Smiles Imaging presently serves the Northeast Texas area however, practitioners and patients travel great distances for Dr. Evans’ comprehensive imaging and dental services.

What is a 3D CBCT Scan?

A 3D CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scan is an imaging technology that generates a three-dimensional (3-D ) image of your head and neck and dental anatomy.  The images from a 3D CBCT scan are comparable to a medical CT (Cat Scan) at a fraction of the radiation exposure and with greater image accuracy.

Why do I Need a Scan?

Cone beam scans are becoming the standard of care in dentistry and an important part of your diagnosis and treatment planning.  3D CBCT helps your doctor visualize parts of your anatomy they can be not see with the naked eye or conventional dental x-rays.  Other health care practitioners are also recognizing the value of this technology with a multiple of head and neck concerns.

The 3D CBCT provide all of what your doctor needs to properly diagnose and treat you. These tools combined with your doctor's expertise, help assure that you receive the best professional treatment and satisfaction.

Why a 3D CBCT versus a Medical CT Scan?

3D CBCT radiation exposure to the patient is only a fraction compared to that of a regular medical CT scanner, much faster scanning time. It takes only 18 seconds for the scan to complete.  Unlike regular dental x-rays, 3D CBCT scans can discriminate between many types of tissue including bone, teeth, nerve canals, sinuses and soft tissue in 3-D.

3D CBCT scans are noninvasive and can eliminate the need for exploratory surgery in some cases.  3D CBCT scans can more readily identify sinus and root canal infections, hard tissue tumors, fractures, and other pathological lesions.

Are These Scans Safe?

Safe Beam ™ Technology for Patient Safety

Only NewTom systems employes Safe Beam™ technology.  The safest technology available for patients and staff. Featured in all NewTom 3D CBCT units, Safe Beam™ automatically adjusts the radiation dosage according to the patient's age and size

This technology utilizes intermittent bursts of radiation only milliseconds in length during image acquisition. Other systems deliver a constant stream of radiation and the same amount of radiation whether scanning a 300 pound adult or a small child.

Safe Beam™ technology automatically and continuously monitors system operations, thus eliminating the possibility of unnecessary exposures. In conjunction with the patented Safe Beam technology, when compared to others CBCT systems, NewTom VGi has a wider range with which it adjusts the x-ray power and quantity (kV=110 and mA=1-20) as a result, patient exposure is tailored and image contrast remains consistent regardless of patient size or bone density.

Our NewTom VGi scanner offers the lowest dose available while providing superior image quality.

One of the distinct advantages of NewTom 3D CBCT imaging versus standard hospital-based CT scans, is the decreased radiation dosage and patient friendly environment.

The amount of radiation needed for one of our all digital scans is about 70% less than a full mouth set of dental x-rays and equivalent to two days of background environmental exposure by living in the United States. We are annually inspected and approved for radiation safety by the state of Texas.

Does it Hurt?

No, not at all. For patients familiar with a standard panoramic x-ray machine, the scan will be similar, but will result in three-dimensional images.

How Long is the Procedure?

The entire procedure from start to finish will take approximately 15 to 30 min. The scan itself will take approximately 18 seconds.

How Do I Obtain a CBCT SCAN?

You may complete the form below either on line or print it out and fax or email it to our office and call for an appointment. You may request that your doctor refer you to our office for your NewTom 3D CBCT Scan.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Scan?

Upon arrival at our office, you will be greeted and provided with additional information and forms to complete in preparation for your Scan.  You will be provided with instructions and we will answer any questions you might have. Please arrive at our office 15 min. prior to the scheduled scan time to complete a medical history form if you have not done so online prior to your appointment.

Our dental assistant will escort you to our NewTom 3D CBCT scan.  Please remove all metal from your head and neck areas such as jewelry earrings piercing's hair clips and glasses during the scan our technician will ask you to relax, breathe through your nose and try not to swallow during the Scan.  You do not have to refrain from eating or drinking and no shots will be given in preparation for the Scan.

If you have any question regarding your NewTom 3D CBCT procedure, please check with your doctor or call us at 903-825-7400 at any time prior to your scanning appointment. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you and your doctor with this state of the art technology.