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NewTom Cone Beam 3D Imaging For The Dental Professional

With Healthier Smiles Imaging you can enhance your practice prestige and production by offering:

  • The most accurate diagnosis and treatment planning for all phases of dentistry
  • Predictable and restorative driven virtual implant placement
  • State-of-the-art cone beam computed tomography and 3-D imaging
  • Avoid unnecessary delays
  • Facilitate patient management
  • Reduce risk factors
  • Improved case acceptance and production

Healthier Smiles Imaging provides practitioners with free InvivoDental5.3 professional volumetric imaging software for dental clinicians with computer key and training to view all 3-D imaging scans.

Healthier Smiles Imaging choices include the ability to:

  • View all anatomical structures in 3 dimensions
  • Develop studies from the data volume
  • Perform measurements
  • Perform virtual implant setups with opposing occlusion
  • Same Day Scanning Available To Patients and Doctors
  • Competitive fees to other imaging centers
  • Effective tool for patient education
  • Reconstruction of dental CT data into patient studies
  • Conversion of Dicom files into any other 3-D software

Additionally Healthier Smiles Imaging services provide:

  • Radiological reports on request
  • Treatment planning by expert clinicians on request
  • High level of risk management capability
  • Less than 4 seconds of total exposure
  • Medical-Grade Imaging Components
  • Open-Environment for Patient Comfort
  • Large Reconstructed Volume
  • 7 Selectable FOV
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Imagine the convenience, and excellent customer service, of having a CT scan available to your patients for immediate viewing. The practitioner has the ability to create a patient profile online or printed report by selecting segments from scan data.

The NewTom VGI takes a complete 360 scan that captures an image at every degree. Many other manufacturers stop at 270 or 300° which leads to a significant scatter and artifacts in the scan. With new tome, the greater number of exposures results in more information and less hypothesizing about actual anatomy.

Focal spot is a key factor in determining image resolution and quality of the x-ray image. As the focal spot decreases in size resolution, the ability to detect details improve. Ideally the focal spot would have a diameter close to zero. Because of the medical grade rotating aneroid, NewTom VGi has one of the smallest focal spots available.

For even more precise measurements and treatment planning, the new High Resolution Zoom features produces 50% higher image resolution, and 50% reduced slice thickness. The New Tom VGi also features crosshair lasers and a mirror – powerful tools for exact horizontal and vertical positioning.

What We Offer:

  • State of the art technology utilizing NewTom Cone Beam CT system
  • No loss of valuable office space
  • No contract role commitment
  • No added work for office staff
  • Unlimited 3-D views and reports
  • Conversion of DICOM files into other 3-D software
  • Radiologists interpretation available
  • All images can be converted to DICOM files which are compatible with most treatment
    planning software programs including stem plant
  • Noble Biocan Procera
  • Implant logic
  • Easy Guide
  • Anatomage
  • Cone beam applications
  • Implantology
  • Orthodontics
  • Impaction
  • Sinus and airway studies
  • TMJ
  • Endodontic
  • Periodontics
  • Oral Surgery
  • Implantology
  • Measure LED along bone width and visualize the bone contours
  • Select the most suitable implant size and type
  • Increase case acceptance
  • Build patient confidence
  • Orthodontics 3-D evaluation of impacted tooth position and anatomy
  • TMJ assessments of condylar anatomy in three dimensions
  • Ortho can affect surgery treatment planning and growth assessments in true one-to-one
    imaging impaction
  • Visualize an impacted tooth position in relation to surrounding vital structures and their roots
  • Better assess the risk of treatment or non-treatment based on more accurate three
    dimensional analysis
  • Sinus and airway studies
  • Determination of degree of infection and presence of polyps
  • Assistance in airway studies for diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Calculation of actual volume of airway space
  • Determination of the point of airway constriction


  • Assess the condylar anatomy of the TMJ without super imposition and distortion of the image
  • Obtain a thorough 360 image of Condylar structures for more accurate assessments


  • More accurate identification and diagnosis of pariapical endodontic pathosis
  • Visualization of obscure internal pulpal anatomy and root canal systems
  • Assessment of internal and external root resorption process
  • Identification of root fractures and other areas of trauma
  • Volumetric and density comparisons of Perry or radical or bone following endodontic


  • Analyze periodontal bone defects on all sides of every tooth
  • Assess the extent of every furcation involvement
  • Track the progression of advancing periodontal bone loss
  • Treatment plan dental implants by evaluating bone parameters such as bone width depth and density
  • Visualize vital structures such as the maxillary sinuses mental foramen and mandibular nerve prior to periodontal or implant surgeries

Oral Surgery

  • Determine the precise three-dimensional position of a tooth with in the Alveolar bone
  • Visualize hard and soft tissue on the computer in three dimensions for planning maxillofacial surgeries
  • Monitors skeletal changes, airway changes and healing responses
  • Ideal for post-surgery imaging due to reduced image scatter and lower radiation